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Our Range

Fish and Seafood Cutlery

Our full range of seafood

Here is an extensive list of what we can offer (when in season). If you are looking for something in particular contact us and we will see if we can source it for you.

Fresh fish & shellfish

Our Sea Bass are either sea farmed from the south of France or hook and line caught, late spring onwards from the South & South West coasts. An excellent versatile fish for roasting, bbq whole or filleted for pan frying.


Gilthead Sea Bream are farmed in the South of France, we also supply line caught wild Black Bream & Pink Bream throughout spring and summer from the South coast. Great roasted whole with a glug of olive oil, lemon and some of our organic Mediterranean herb mix.


Our Brill come from the South West coast, a close relative or the Turbot, with a firm sweet white flesh. Excellent roasted whole with a drop of white wine, butter and a good sprinkling of our organic smoked sea salt or filleted to pan fry or grill, simply delicious.

Our Clams are grown in Dorset and harvested by hand. Always juicy and tasty when in season they’re perfect for a spaghetti vongele or simply gently steamed open.

Our Cornish Crab are a big favourite with our customers. Hand picked live each morning by us to ensure you get a nice full crab, you can have it either boiled whole, cracked or fully dressed just let us know when ordering. Alternatively you can have our hand picked crab meat, which is chunky and sweet, perfect for salads.


Our Cod comes from a sustainable well managed stock from the icy cold waters of Peterhead in Scotland, simply pan fried or roasted it’s always a firm favourite 


The delicate taste of our superb West Country Dover Sole is caught inshore by day fishing boats, this beautiful fish is best grilled with a nob of melted butter and lemon.

Our flakey delicious Haddock comes from Scotland daily. Tastes great simply dipped in a homemade beer batter and fried.

Our succulent Halibut are caught in the deep North Atlantic waters off the coasts of Scotland, Norway & Iceland. Thick juicy steaks that can be grilled or roasted with a homemade hollandaise butter sauce. 


The distinctive and beautifully delicious John Dory is a personal favourite of ours. Bright white, sweet & firm flesh lends itself for baking whole with a splash of white wine.


With its sweet flavour our Lemon Sole come out of the Cornish coast, perfect for grilling whole or pan fried as fillets with a parsley butter.


A taste to savour our Scottish Langoustines come direct from the crystal ice cold waters of Loch Fyne, always large in size with a sweet flavour and just beautiful steamed in their own juices.


Our native Lobsters are another product that comes direct from our suppliers in Scotland or Cornwall. Always hand picked and live the options are there for you to choose how you’d like them prepared.


Superb hook and line Atlantic Mackerel are available virtually all year round, high in essential fatty acids and omega oil. Perfect roasted whole or filleted and bbq'd.


Another firm favourite is our Cornish Monkfish. Probably the most versatile fish we offer. Perfect for fish kebabs, a stir fry, curries or wrapped in pancetta & roasted whole is a firm favourite. 


Our Mussels are grown until ripe in the cold waters of the Shetland Isles, when in season the consistency of taste and size is what keeps our customers coming back day in day out.


Our beautiful selection of Oysters come from all corners of the British Isles, we have the mild creamy Carlingford Oysters from Ireland, Jersey Oysters which are smaller, larger Maldon Oysters out of Essex and the magnificent native Wild Oysters when in season.


Whole or filleted our Plaice is another regular in the shop. With its firm white sweet flesh it’s perfect for homemade “fish n chips” as well being a great choice for kids due to its mild flavour. 


Prawns are a plenty which come in fresh daily. We stock a variety of wild caught Tiger Prawns or sweet Wild Gamba Argentine Prawns as well as the jumbo Pacific Black Tiger Prawns, there’s a prawn for every dish.


Sweet, delicious hand dived Scallops from the West coast of Scotland are something to be enjoyed most of the year. We give you the option of either live in the shell or de-shelled, either way the size and quality are always excellent. 


Our fresh Jellied Squid comes from the West Country & Scotland all year round. Succulent and soft when ringed, tossed in flour and fried with a homemade mayonnaise or grilled whole over charcoal you can’t beat it.


Our superb thick Skate wings are a best seller, direct from Newlyn in Cornwall we buy them large, in order to give you thick middle cuts and juicy wings. Best enjoyed panfried or roast with a black butter and our organic capers.

Our unmistakable Red Mullet are hook and line caught off the warm coastal stretches of the South West. Great simply tossed in seasoned flour and shallow fried with a generous squeeze of our organic lemons is all that’s required.


Our superb whole Salmon and fillets are sea farmed from the crystal clear waters of the Shetland Isles and arrive fresh daily from our trusted suppliers in Scotland. In the summer months when in season we also stock Wild Salmon, a real treat for all.


Our variations of Snappers vary depending on availability, whether it’s our Mangrove Snapper or Red Snappers, you’ll be certain to enjoy its sweet firm flesh. Great bbq'd over charcoal or cut into thick chunks & marinated Caribbean style. 


Our succulent Swordfish come from a variety of areas due to seasonal availability. Excellent on fish kebabs as well as staked for the pan. Another firm favourite due to its great flavour & being boneless.


Turbot, the king of the seas needs virtually no messing around with due to its incredible flavour. Best enjoyed whole roasted with light seasoning is all that’s needed to enjoy this magnificent fish. 


A huge favourite is our Sashimi grade fresh Tuna. High in protein and essential oils with a beautiful taste, its almost steak like when gently pan fried. You can also eat it as Sushi due to the quality we buy.


Another lovely treat is our Wild Sea Trout, available in late spring going into summer. An exquisite taste that works beautifully either baked whole or poached.

Our impressive chunky Scotch Hake has delicious chunky flakes of firm flesh. It is great whole roasted or cut into chunky steaks.

Smoked fish

Our natural and dyed yellow Smoked Haddock are are cured using an oak smoke. Great gently poached in milk with a big free range egg.


Beautifully oak Smoked Scotch Salmon using the finest cuts, simply a lovely flavour. 


Hot roast kiln Salmon, a firm favourite. Our chunky cuts of Salmon, brushed with honey and slowly hot roasted for a full, rich flavour. Excellent in salads.


Our whole smoked Mackerel & mackerel fillets are hickory & oak smoked respectively. They are great, healthy and full of all the omega oils you need.


Manx Kippers, world famous since 1870, our succulent Manx Kippers are sourced direct from the Isle of Man.


Our Loch Fyne traditionally oak smoked kippers are sourced direct from our trusted suppliers in Scotland.


Oak smoked Sprats. When the humble sprat is in season we have our delicious sprats, gently oak smoked and ready to eat.

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